Industrial Project

The Italian market of non-performing loans, both banking and commercial ones, is constantly evolving. Locam Group can ensure the necessary professionalism and reliability in such a sensitive sector.

Locam S.p.A.
Thanks to its methodological approach based on the swot (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats) analysis, Locam has identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the market and of the company itself.


In order to achieve its objectives, the Company management has identified the following actions to be implemented during the three-years’ period 2016-2018:

Capital strengthening: in order to allow the solid development of its activities, Locam aims at fatherly strengthen the traded volumes. In order to do so, it is strengthening the capital and increasing the funding to support new operations with more alternative and complementary sources, both through the quick disinvestment of purchased credit portfolios and through the use of loans from shareholders;

Capital Allocation: as part of the progressive increase in NPL loans purchase, particular importance will be given over the three-years’period to an increasingly accurate and reliable estimate of cash flows by carefully planning the activities related to the credit recovery. Namely, based on the statistics of the historical data, the Company will be able to set the cash flows during the portfolios management period, thus freeing up the resources to be reinvested through their securitization;

• Offer: The transformation into a supervised Financial Broker is due to the will of strengthening the purchase of NPL portfolios, through a plan of NPL relevant purchases. The management on behalf of third parties, where Locam acts as servicer, thanks to its registration to the Register 106, will be based on similar activities;

• Pricing: the fees for credit recovery services on the portfolios managed on behalf of third parties are variable and based on the type and nature of loans and of the amounts to be recovered. The assets on which the portfolios values are calculated are those managed as servicers after the securitization;

• Distributive Network: Locam services  are not provided through a network on the territory but through a direct channel where the  management is an active part of the marketing and purchase process. In particular, the company constantly monitors the investment opportunities on the territory through a network which is already active among the major banking/financial operators and among the companies which work with the Public Administration, as well as of course through the network  created by the shareholder. The investment opportunities are submitted to the suitable approval in due time;

• Internal Audit: the audit functions will be implemented by partially using some external supports and a  partial enhancement and reorganization of the internal skills.