Frequently Asked Questions

Which services do you offer?

Locam offers a system for managing the whole process of credits collection in outsourcing.
It is consists in three fundamental phases, modular and integrated:

  1. Phone collection
  2. Top of page
  3. Pre-legal and legal actions

Which is the differences between legal and extra judicial debt collection?

Extra judicial debt collection means all those activities oriented to lead amicably borrowers to solve their debt, through written and oral requests, performed through a direct contact to them, even visited by tax agents at their domicile.

Judicial recovery means instead all those activities performed by lawyers registered as practitioners, through the current regulations and submitted for evaluation by the competent court.

Have you received our letter?

If you have received our letter, you can contact the responsible of your position who will give to you all the useful information. An expert managers team will consider a resolution that suits to your conditions. Personalized formulas of payment and installment plans are provided.

Who do I contact after receiving a reminder letter?

Contact telephone numbers listed in the reminder letter.

Which are payment conditions? How can I pay?

You can pay as specified in the received letter.
However it is possible to pay through: bank transfer, postal and/or money order, bank and personal cheques, and/ or securities as well.

When can I pay?

Payment should be performed as soon as possible and, in any case, within the terms indicated on the reminder letter.

How do I behave in case of a payment reminder letter about which I already sent a complaint?

In this case we suggest to provide a copy of your previous dispute and forward to our attention by fax. We will reply as soon as possible.

How do I behave in case of a situation of temporary economic difficulties?

Contact Locam Team to the telephone numbers listed in the reminder letter. We consider also personalized formulas of payment and installment plans.