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The Locam Group was born combining international capitals and advanced skills in evaluation, acquisition and management of non-performing loans.
An environment characterized by an high professionalism of the internal staff, Information Technology and a relevant management ability.

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Our Mission

Locam wants to be a reference point of quality and professionalism in the financial and credit management.

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Why should you choose Locam?

In Italy bank and commercial non-performing loans market is constantly changing and nowadays existing operators are not often able to assure the required professionalism and reliability in a such delicate sector.


Our Services

Administrative Credit Management

Through the continuous interest rates updating, prescriptions monitoring, screening activities and commercial information.

Extra judicial Management

Oriented to the best recovery as quick as possible (time and results), through a professional Call Center, efficient and monitored, operating throughout the domestic territory.

Judicial Management

With the aimto incardinate only the actions considered as appropriate in economic terms and thanks to an internal legal team able to manage every phase and degree of the activity, throughout the country


All our activities are carried out according
to the customer needs with a tailored approach.